Housing Grants For Disabled

Everybody needs a home to live in whether rich or poor. Taking shelter at a safe place is one of the basic requirements of all. But it seems more urgent when it comes to disabled  people. They not only need a safe shelter but also a well equipped one  with proper facilities especially for the disabled. In the absence of a proper housing to live in his difficulties in day to day life would increase two fold because they already depend on other others for even small needs.

Disabled people usually lack the ability to make their livelihood. They are not able to take care of themselves. In this situation they need financial support to stay safe. And therefor the federal government in America has made provision for financinfg the housing need of the disabled.  They are not only provided home loans but also get monetary help for their rental. Moreover people with disability are given special privelage regarding the allotment of the plot where they are allowed  for housing construction. Even private agencies are given facilities if they provide housing service to the disabled people. Almost all the states in America have enacted rules under which grants for mentally or physically challenged people  are made.

However, if a disabled individual is living in a house, then the owner of the house is also entitled to get grants to facilitate the necessary requirements in the house so that the physically challenged person may not have to face any touble trouble. The grants also meant to maintain the house in a proper manner.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has recently announced the grants of $40 million   to assist the individual or the families with for their own housing. Grants from the housing programs  of HUD are of two types:

1. Rental assistance of $ 24 million for families with disabilities
2. Rental assistance of $ 16 million for families with mentally or physically challenged person

All the 21 states and cities in USA are participating in the housing plan for the disabled.