Helping Hand For Disabled- Disability Devices

Disability devices is a business firm dealing in the sale of truncated dome materials for a few years. The firm takes pride and righteously so in offering the latest innovations for detectable warning materials and their installment. Their products are designed to meet ADA requirements. The products are made of strong Urethane material which is elastic, non-fading, and non-slip. Disability Services' products have been intended to satisfy the client provider, construction installer and the site user.

The client provider requires a product from Disability Services that is safe and meets ADA requirements, as well as blends into the client provider’s site appearance and should also be cost effective. They need to know that the product used is warranted by the company for a rational period of time.

The construction installer necessitates that the product can be installed with no difficulty and without the use of special tools or craftmen such as brick layers or tile setters. They require that the installment will be safe and meet or go beyond all expectations.

The site user require for a product that allows effortlessness of travel, for wheelchair users, detectable warning, and good cane sound for non-sighted users, and of course, user friendly walking surfaces for the general public.

All of Disability Services products have been planned to satisfy all of these needs, and are happy to provide the following Tactile Warning products:

Wet-Anchor-Box is a product with the first real improvement in Detectable warning installation and replacement process.  This features a new Patent Pending, ground-breaking process for securing tactile warning materials of different styles into wet concrete. The benefits of this Disability Devices product include: ease of installment that requires no special craftsman or tools whereas allowing the installer a less expensive and better-secured installment; the anchor becomes a lasting anchoring device which permits the placement or replacement of mats without disrupting the concrete surface in any way; the product has been designed to permit users to separate divisions of the box to accommodate odd sizes without compromising the box strength; for snow and ice problem areas, this product can be installed with Thermal abilities.

Offset Dome Tactile Warning Mat is a Disability Devices product that are designed in a pattern of 6ea-12” squares, each having a beveled edge on all sides, this feature allows the mat to be separated at twelve-inch intervals to obtain add sizes for both wet and dry retrofit installments.  This product’s benefits include: a more distinct style of tactile warning to choose from; offers the end user some directional assistance; having beveled edge in all sides to assure to tripping hazard approach from any direction and allows a smooth path of travel through the truncated dome area for wheelchair users; the Urethane material is user friendly to foot traffic and has good cane sound.

Other products of Disability Devices, Inc. are In-Line Dome Tactile Warning Mat and Directional Bar Mat.