HCI And Disabilities

HCI and disabilities stand for Human Computer Interfaces for people with disabilities. The problems faced by people with disabilities are properly understood and handled by human computer interface engineers. People with disabilities such as visual disabilities and other disabilities are provided with different HCI keynotes and acknowledgement by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992. The human computer interface works keeping a charitable mind rather than a professional. computer accessibility design for the disabled can be immensely improved. In fact, condition for handicap computer users is not that bright for computer accessibility.

Computer accessibility of the disabled people is affected by different types of disabilities. Visually impaired people depend on touch and sound, to use computers. However, people with color blindness can not discriminate between different colors. Another HCI and disabilities arise with people suffering from motor disabilities. Such type of people may find it difficult to use standard input devices of a computer such as a mouse or the keyboard.

People suffering from hearing disabilities or total deafness can not find the correct content. It is also seen that people with cognitive disabilities may find it hard to understand mathematics. Also, illiterate people who do not have any physical disability, may suffer considerable barriers in having computer accessibility. They are often treated for the overall computer accessibility.