Handicapped Parking Signs

Under the disabilities law, it has been made mandatory for civic authorities to provide handicapped parking signs so that a disabled person quickly locates and parks the vehicle. In general, vehicle owners have to follow parking signs that give instructions and directions for parking. To ensure the safety of property, parking signs are used to allow only authorized people to park their vehicle. As such, no parking sign is used to indicate that the concerned space is accessible to authorized person only. There are various parking signs to allow the smooth working of the parking space. Such a sign prevents theft of property.

You can choose from a variety of parking signs. Parking signs should be clearly visible. There are signs like No Parking Signs, No Trespassing Signs, Reserved Parking Signs, Symbol of Access Signs, Handicapped Parking Signs, Prohibitive Signs, Tow-Away Signs and Controlled Parking Signs that depend upon your need.

A handicapped person is not a person who can move easily looking for signs. Disabled or handicapped persons are provided social security by disability law as a way to lead a normal life. Handicapped parking signs are very helpful to a person with physical disabilities. However, in case of these signs, certain rules have to be followed.

First of all, an access aisle should be provided with the parking lot to help a person using a mobility device like wheelchair to get out of his car smoothly. Secondly, sign with the international standard of accessibility should be mounted high so that it may not be covered by a parking car. Parking spaces have to be closest to the accessible entrance. Also, shortest accessible route of travel should be provided. Thus, these signs help in the smooth traveling of persons with mobility aids.