Handicap Tiolets

Handicap toilets refer to the toilets made complying the guidelines given for the handicap toilets. These toilets are made to match the definition fixed by the Government of America for  handicap people. There are two types in the world that are considered standard for the toilet. The one is small called Round  toilet and the other is large, known as Elongated. The height is the main basis of difference.

Most toilets ranges from 14 to 16 inches high. The other data  available is called disabled or American Disabilities Act commensurate height. This height has been made mandatory for the toilets meant for people with disabilities in the USA as required by the ADA. The height of such toilets are between 16.5 inches and 18 inches. There is a another type of toilet called GJ toilet which is extra wide and extra elongated. For practical purposes GJ toilet is also called handicap toilet the height of which has to be kept at 17.5 inches as required by The American Disabilities Act.  

The GJ toilets are made in recent housing as it follows all law of U.S.. Moreover, it is made as an alternative for the old one if it contains a 12 inches rough in. Rough in is the distance between the  wall and the seat hole. The institution like universities, hospitals, government hospitals and public places are provided with handicap toilets to provide accessible facilities that would facilitate services for the people with disabilities. Handicap toilets in restaurants and airports are a must  in America so that physivcally challenged may not feel uncomfortable in satisfying their calls of nature.

Handicap toilets are made keeping in view the BMI which is called the bodu mass index. It is a mathemetical calculation to determine whether the  persion is overweight or not. The ADA compliant Stainless steel toilets are most suitable for handicap people.Its main features are:

* 18 inches height from the floor
* Front mounted with floor outlet waste
* Self flushing rim and blow out flushing action

The commercial handicap toilets in America are mandated to use the ollowing features:

* Handicap height
* 10 inches rough in
* Flush valve ready
* Elongated bowl with minimum 10*12 water
* Shown in white
* Other ADA requirements