Handicap Shower Bars

Handicap shower bars make it possible for the handicapped people to enjoy showers in the independence of their home and bathrooms. These shower bars and handrails provide a safe environment for people with disabilities as well as elderly people. People with different kind of physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and alike can not avoid bathroom falls. In fact, people with physical disability can count falls as common accident. Such falls can prove to be fatal at times.

As such, handicap shower bars provide a safe solution to such people. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made it mandatory to install grab bars and handrails. The bars provide a solution which is at once safe and effective in preventing falls. In fact, for the convenience of disabled people, grab bars and handrails can be installed throughout the home.

Now, these shower bars come in different designs and various colors. Flange colors are also very different. Bathrooms and shower grab bars are now available in knurled, smooth or the popular shower-grip. To simply put, handicap shower bars are essential accessories to be fitted in a bathroom used by the handicapped people.