Handicap Scooters

The Disability Association of the US has advised the manufacturers of to make disability aids that would simply the traveling needs of the disabled. These disability products provide various levels of technological assistance to the disabled. They are designed and manufactured for enabling the disabled people to do travel independently.

Handicap scooters are devices that have been made for making the mobility convenient and secure for the disabled. They are a substitute to the old-fashioned, battery-operated wheel chairs used by disabled people for indoor mobility. Now, the scooters are more powerful and are more accessible and can be driven to places like parks, lawns and the streets.

There are two types of scooters though the model design, accessories and engine power may vary from manufacturer-to-manufacturer. There could be a three-wheeled scooter or four-wheeled scooter. Whatever may be the make of the handicapped scooters, they are made keeping in mind the disabled people and their limited body movements. The seat, entry and exit points, and the operating unit are all made easy and safe for their driver.

The three-wheel drive has the handle bar like any other scooter for steering and all the keys are inserted into the handle. A handicapped person can easily access them and ride the scooters safely. In the four-wheeled scooters, round handles act like the steering of a car. They can be moved like a general scooter steering. More engineering is being applied to these scooters to make sure that the driver doesn't feel any discomfort. Jerks from potholes or small obstacles can cause a lot of irritation to a disabled rider and hence, the suspension system has been introduced for maximum shock absorptions.