Handicap Ramps Are The Best Tools for Disabled!

Today the mobility of disabled people has extended from scooters to handicap vans having automatic wheelchair ramps and lifts. The modular wheelchair ramps provide them an easy and safe access to the elevated areas. These wheel chairs can be easily assembled and configured in keeping with the physical necessity and the condition.

A handicap ramp is a slant plane which is set up along with or in place of stairs. It allows smooth transitioning with stairs, elevated landings, mini buses and many more. Its meticulous design and pattern helps handicap people a lot in their routine activities. A disabled individual’s life gets improved enormously through the use of these ramps.

There are varieties of ramps available in the market and each of them has its own specific utility which is designed in accordance with the ADA jurisdiction. It can be made up of cement, steel, wood or aluminium. It is generally classified into following categories-

1. Permanent ramps
2. Semi-permanent ramps
3. Portable ramps

Permanent ramps are cemented permanently at one place whereas semi-permanent are placed only for a specific time period. Today, the most preferred ramps are portable ramps which can be easily carried from one place to another.

Portable handicap ramps are made up of aluminium because it is very light footed and durable as compared to wood and steel. These ramps are available in various styles- folding ramps, threshold ramps, scooter ramps, van ramps, roll up ramps, suitcase ramps, track ramps and deck ramps for easy pathway access. It can also be kept in van or home cabinet as it requires very less space for storage.

Generally, wood and aluminum ramps are used for residence access. But, installation of wood ramps requires more time, labor and money. On the other hand, aluminum ramps are reasonably priced and easy to set up at any place. That’s why aluminum ramps are preferred over the wooden ramps.