Handicap Baths

Handicap baths refers to bathrooms designed for the handicapped or, at least, well geared for a handicap. Handicap people have restricted mobility and they need support to maintain balance. For example, those who are suffering from cognitive or physical disabilities find it difficult to use a bathroom. Therefore, handicap bathrooms are fitted with suitable devices to help support the disabled person.

These devices are of many kinds. These are shower grab bars, central support bars, bathtub bars, raised toilet seats and talking scales. Such bathrooms are equipped with handicap shower kits, safety tubs and mats. Moreover, the floors of the handicap baths are made of special tiles to make it less slippery to avoid falling and slipping. In the event of a specially-designed floor, even the visually-impaired can feel totally safe and assured.

The US government has not ignored this basic need of handicapped individuals and special provisions have been incorporated to serve them. This has been done by giving proper instructions for handicap bathrooms and toilets; making it mandatory for them to be easily accessible for the physically challenged. In addition to the federal government and states, local authorities and many non-governmental organizations are working for the welfare of the people with disabilities. They have taken up the cause of most public utilities including bathrooms are handicap-friendly. On the other hand, the ADA makes provisions for funding such local agencies and organizations which are devoted to the cause of handicap people. Even caretakers are given special provisions to meet the extra expenses in maintaining a handicap bathroom.