Handicap Bathrooms

The requirements of handicapped people are generally different from normal people. As such, they must be given special attention including their handicap bathroom needs. The American with Disability Act (ADA) has to be strictly followed by people with physical disability. Handicap bathrooms have to be barrier free bathrooms so that even a wheel chair bound disabled person can use it comfortably. People with disabilities require special kind of bathrooms to meet their requirements. There are certain requirements of bathrooms for handicaps. For example, to accommodate a wheel chair bound individual, floor should be hurdle free.

There are also other requirements such as mounting height. As the requirements of different disabled people are different, special consideration must be given to construct mounting heights of toilets, lavatories and urinals along with grab bars. Grab bars allow a wheelchair bound individual to safely balance himself in the bathroom. Raised seats have also to be installed in toilets.

Handicap bathrooms also require seats that support handicapped people and also grab bars to balance inside the walk-in shower. Added safety precautions help a handicapped individual to enjoy his showers. Grab bars which are approved by ADA must be installed in the bathroom and also in the toilets and urinals for the safety of disabled people. In fact, horizontal grab bars should be installed inside toilets. All these accessories used in the handicap bathrooms help people with physical disabilities greatly.