Handicap Aids

Handicap aids for disabled persons encourage independent living and have become the prime concern of people throughout the world and measures are taken by the disability rights commission, ADA, ADHD and other associations for them.

The American Disability Association (ADA) and the Disability Rights Commission declared a number of aids for handicap for hearing disabilities, learning disabilities, mental disabilities, visual disabilities and other physical disabilities and recommended the standards for preparing these devices that will be aiding the persons having the kind of respective disability. The adapted equipment help the disabled person to perform activities in the most easiest way.

These handicap aids help to perform those activities smoothly without any trouble like walking, showering, traveling, reading, playing, and alike and they feel the redress within, by using the devices. For their safety in mobility, wheel chair, handicap van, scooters, walkers, electric wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters, wheelchair and scooter lifts, and alike have been introduced. There are handicap equipment in the bathrooms and toilets like bath tubs with doors, sitting showers, toilet sets fitting to their able posture and they ensure of not hurting them with the ultimate comfort level.

A) Bathroom/ shower and toilet aids meant for comfort in the bathroom.
B) Bedroom comfort and safety meant for mobility or activity within the bathroom.
C) Dressing and grooming aids to make things easier.
D) Low vision aids for eyes.
E) Eating and drinking aids in the dinning table.
F) Walkers, canes, accessories for movement.
G) Wheel chairs for motion.

There are lawyer's association providing assistance to the disabled in their legal needs. It has been seen that the disabled are deprived of their rights in many fields and they are assisted to get the rights. If they have become disabled while serving in military, the handicap safety norms make it a compulsion for the state to take care of the person and provide alternative source of income and also financially assist him in rehabilitation. There is disability insurance for financial assistance that helps the disabled to arrange financer for buying the handicap aids.