Handicap Accessibility Church Grants

Safety and accessibility of disabled people has always been the concern of the U.S. government. The handicap people lack the natural ability to move about freely and need help, both from an individual and the society as a whole. Sometimes, they can't even go to the church or participate in any religious congregation.

Religious places like the church are always considered sacred and the followers include the disabled too. People find spiritual solace there and the disabled wish to pray with the rest of the society. Keeping in view of the limitations and requirements of a physically-challenged individual, the U.S. government has initiated many plans and proposals to give proper facilities to the churches. This is to make sure that physical immobility may not prevent a potential church-goer from following his religion.

The 9/11 bomb episode also proved a great fillip for the government in this regard, as people with disability were found more helpless in the time of such crisis. Taking cue from this episode, the state government initiated plans to provide grants for the churches to attach extra facilities.

Roads leading to churches have been demarcated. There are special vans meant to carry the physically-challenged people. But the authorities of the churches themselves need funding to refurbish the infrastructure concerning the accessibility of the disabled individuals. The U.S. administration has made several provisions of grants for the churches. In the annual U.S. budget, this component takes a share of the total expenditure to finance all those agencies that are required to take care of providing such facilities.