Grants For Mentally Disabled

Mentally-disabled individuals are those who perform below average in an intellectual test designed especially for the mentally-retarded people. Such individuals are not able to lead their lives in a healthy manner and need support even for their day-to-day life.

In order to provide such people the minimum facilities for their intellectual growth and development, the federal government has made the provision of special grants. To meet the expenditures for diagnosis of the disease, early intervention, good caretaker or professional, medical therapy and medication of the intellectually-challenged people, government, state and private agencies give grants. These could be in terms of facilities specially devised for the disabled. There are also some grants available for their caretakers or guardians, so that they can get the needed material and equipment for safety of the disabled.

In addition to all these grants, there is a provision of grants for an employer to cover the expenditure incurred on giving extra but needed facilities for their mentally-challenged employees. An employer may have to bear some costs in upgrading the work environment by considering the requirements of the disabled. They may have to make some managerial adjustments to suit the needs of their disabled employees. On the basis of these requirements, the employers are given the following grants:

1. Grants for workplace facilities.

2. Grants for welfare facilities.

3. Grants for extra attendants for the mentally-challenged.

4. Grants for special coaches and caretakers.

But it's not easy to get grants for such people. They are entitled to get these grants only if they full certain criteria. They should be eligible for these benefits. An individual is mentally challenged only if his condition originated before the age of 22, according to the Federal law.