Grants For Disabled Women

Nobody wants to be disabled. But nature is not equally generous for each and everyone. Some are quite normal and healthy whereas some sadly lack even the minimum intellectual or physical ability to support themselves. They are called disabled because they always need care and support even for their livelihood. And when it comes to the question of disabled women the condition seems more complex as biologiaclly they already have some limitations which make them more vulnerable in the society.

Although the American society is very much concerned about the disabled women but timely intervention of the federal, state governments and other private local agencies by providing several grants are always needed to take care of the various needs of the physically or mentally challenged women. For a disabled women  diagnosis, early intervention, monetary help for proper nutrional and medicinal requirements, transportation, eductional support and various educational scholarships are some indispensible factors which need to be fulfilled.

Keeping in view of all these requirements  federal and State governments have made provisions for grants.

To fit the condition of elligibility for the benefit of grants for a disabled woman has to fulfil some conditions.She will be elligible for the grant if her disablity originated before she attained the age of 22 and she is not able to perform the minimun intellectual function prescribed by the federal government o the basis of the scale recognized by international standard.

The federal government provides business grants also for the disabled women so that they or their parents or caretaker could set an income generating business for the victim. In addition to it school drop outs and under indifferent attitude towards disabled women are more vivid than among disabled male. And therefore education grants  are made available for the under previleged women to support thm in their learning process so that they aval of the other benefits provided by the federal or state governments.

Various American societies and organizations are working in the different countries of the world to provide grants to the disabled women  out of which International Science Congress of America is well known.