Grants For Disabled Equipment

Disability may be of many kinds. It may be physical, mental or both. In all these cases, the disabled need support. Support for disabled individual are of two types. One kind they get from their guardians, parents or caretaker and the other he maintains with himself for mechanical support or is provided as a facility. These facilities could be for his conveyance, sitting or for any other purpose.

This equipment may be costly or at least some of the disabled may not be in a position to afford or purchase them. Therefore, it may result in restricted mobility, creating difficulty in their day-to-day life. The right equipment on the other hand, can always make a difference in their lives. Moreover, people with disability also need therapy for which there is different equipment.

Keeping in view all these needs, organizations like the Disabled Living Foundation grants money to buy the equipment. It helps disabled people in getting equipment for themselves. Some of these services are discussed below:

*  Providing helpline services for queries and answers regarding equipment.

*  Running a demonstration centre for the equipment.

* Facilitating advice from the specialists and therapists for the disabled.

* An online data of wheelchairs, scooters and other equipments.

Some organizations manage money directly to buy the equipment on-the-spot, if the disabled wishes so. One can hire equipment instead of purchasing it. There are some Loan Councils which not only grant money but also take the responsibility of financing the maintenance cost for the equipment. Some of the equipment needed is the responsibility of Home Departments of the Loan Councils. Some Loan Councils manage both short-term and long-term loans for buying equipment. Some voluntary organizations keep a stock of equipment to loan to be loaned to the disabled on a short-term basis.