Freeware For Handicapped

Freeware is a copyrighted computer software which you can use for unlimited period of time, free of charge. It is different from shareware where as a user you have to pay for its usage. Generally, the authors of the freeware are driven by their inclinations to give something to the society. But, they are also likely to retain control over the future development of the freeware. There are many definitions of freeware. They are either known as cripple ware, free software, public domain software and alike. All these software are for free and you do not have to pay to use the software.

A disabled or handicap person can use these software for free to improve their living. People suffering from physical disability or mental disability can take the help of freeware. Also, students suffering from learning disability or reading disabilities can use freeware to improve their condition. The freeware for handicapped or disabled are especially designed as freeware for people with disabilities. These softwares are very simple to use as even a small child can master them.

One such freeware for handicapped is the "Rapid Keys 2003". This is a freeware which has an intelligent virtual keyboard. One can replace the keyboard through this software by using a pointing device such as mouse, trackball or similar device. For keyboard less systems and for people with different types of physical disabilities, this virtual software is the best that one can get. User-defined auto expandable abbreviations is used for names. This freeware for handicapped has some excellent special features which greatly help a person with disability. The rights of the physically disabled are also mentioned in this software so as to provide the required knowledge to the disabled. These can be termed as disability services.