Dogs Are The Best Friend Of The Disabled!

Dogs are not only the best friend of the common man but they equally prove to be the best companions for the disabled. Dogs are taught to perform particular tasks to help disabled individuals. They are trained with the primary aim to facilitate disabled adults and children to lead their life more securely and independently. These dogs help handicapped people to carry out some unmanageable and difficult daily activities.

Some of the daily activities that a dog can assist a disabled person in, are-
- to get back dropped items
-  turn on switches and alert bells
- open and close the doors
- fetch newspapers, mails, cordless phone and other such small things
- drag the wheelchair for a small distance, and many more…

There are so many organizations that offer assistance with dogs for the disabled persons. These organizations are completely devoted to teach the dogs to learn complicated as well as specific jobs for example- assisting a visually impaired or hearing-impaired person and so on.

The assistance dogs are very enthusiastic and show loyalty throughout their life. The entire program of dog training for disabled has five main elements- puppy adoption, 18 months of puppy developing, 6 months of concentrated dog training, group training and lastly the dog certification. After this training process, a dog becomes an asset for his disabled master. The entire process of training is done according to the needs of the prospective disabled owner.

The dogs are trained according to the individual’s requirement and also made to perform in public cleanliness. These amazing dogs give full time fellowship, unlimited love and protection to their owners. Apart from the physical aid, they also give moral support and confidence level to overcome the social obstacles.

The dogs boost the self-confidence of an individual who is unable to walk or is on a wheelchair. These dogs are an asset for the disabled master because they don’t have to rely on other people for their small tasks.