Disabled Ski Equipment

Disabled ski equipment helps a disabled person to simply enjoy skiing. Earlier, it was very difficult for a disabled person to go for skiing. However, this ski equipment helps a handicap person to go to ski resorts to enjoy the sport. With the invention of such ski equipment, a person with physical disabilities can enjoy the thrills of skiing and gliding in a snow covered slope.

There are different types of disabled ski equipment that are easily available in the ski resorts for the convenience of persons with physical disabilities. First of all, there is the mono ski equipment. In this ski, there is a moulded seat for the disabled person. This mono ski is mounted on a single ski and can be controlled through its two hand held outriggers. Strength and balance is required for managing this ski equipment. Similar to the mono-ski is the bi-ski equipment for disabled people. This ski is mounted on two skis. This bi-ski can be used with its fixed or hand held outriggers.

There are also the two track, three track and four track equipment for the disabled to enjoy skiing. All the three track equipment for skiing are stand up skiing. These ski equipment are great for people suffering from different types of physical disabilities. All the above equipment have made it possible for persons with different types of physical disabilities, to enjoy skiing. Persons with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, visual disabilities, cerebral palsy, hearing disabilities have made it possible to enjoy skiing. Now, disabled people also throng the ski resorts like any other people.