Disabled Crisis Line

Disabled crisis line allows a handicapped person to ask for help when he/she is in distress or during an emergency. You can call this helpline even when you feel overwhelmed. It is also not necessary for the caller to reveal his identification. He can just call and ask for help and counseling. Such calls are toll free. So, if you are facing any crisis, just dial. Crisis lines are a great way to help fellow human beings suffering from different physical disabilities, cerebral palsy, cognitive disabilities, and alike conditions. Disabled or handicap people may sometimes find it that there is no one to help them in home or at other places when they are in trouble. In such a situation, they can ask for help by dialing this crisis line number.

Most of the such crisis lines are operated by volunteer counselors. The volunteers provide empowerment to the disabled people. They also provide necessary information and referrals. The counselors intervene in situations such as suicide threats, domestic violence and other dangers to life. In fact, they provide hope to the individual in distress. Through telephone counseling, they help a disabled person overcome any type of unwarranted situation.

The good thing about this disabled crisis line is that it makes a stabilizing call to people who are suffering from mental disabilities and who are living on their own. They in fact help people in distress. It is a great way to provide social and emotional security to disabled and wheelchair bound people.