Disabled Access In Cars

The adaptive vehicles for the disabled people are called AMS vehicles or American mobility solutions vehicles. They have been designed and engineered for the disabled to easily access the cars. The cars and vans for the disabled are a revolution in the field of disability adaptive equipments. The interior of these cars has been made so accessible for the disabled that they can move over to the driver’s position. The disabled who are bedridden or mostly remain in the wheel chairs, find difficulty in accessing general vehicles.

They usually need someone to carry them to the vehicle and make them seated. But now, traveling has become quite easy for them and they can visit the hospitals, markets, airports and go for a ride or travel wherever they like. The handicap vehicles have ramps either on the rear doors or the side doors to make the disabled access in cars easier.

Secondly, the ample space in the interior and the flexibility and convertibility of the seats makes room for them to feel the comfort during the journey. They don't have to feel cramped and congested. The safety measures are always the prime concern for such people. The vehicles are made safe enough so that they don’t get hurt or injured while getting inside the vehicle.