Disability Small Business Grants

Disability does not always mean that the suffer is just a log of wood, something totally dependent on others. Like a normal healthy man, a disabled person can also be industrious in spite of having minor or severe limitations. To produce his livelihood and sustain his economy he also can start a business of his own. His economy may not allow him to start even a small business. However, US government has always been sinnere in showing concerns for the disabled. And apart from  frants for education, therapy and housing it takes care of the small business of the people with disability.

In USA there is a social security plan called PASS plan for small business. It helps start the disable persons to start a small business of their own. The grant given by this plan can be used for the following purposes:

1.for paying the assistants who are kept by the disable person  to run the business
2.In buying inventory
3.In purhasing equipment and other subsidiary tools
4.As a preliminary amount for getting further loan
5.In extra expenses like transportation, insurance, security, etc.

However, the PASS plan require the disabled to fulfill some conditions before it provides funding for the small business. A prospective candidate has to agree to spend the money for the said purpose, should come in the category of the beneficiary and has to qualify some other tests. Those who are availing the SSI benefits are elligible for the disability grants for small business. In addition to it the disabled has to submit a well written small business plan project to convince the concerned authority about his intention and ability.

Assistance given under the grants for small business for the physically challenged people is not more than $10's of thousand s of dollors. The resources already under your possession may affect the amount of grant given to the beneficiary. The disabled veterans also get the grants meant for them in terms of cash as well as the priority in the land, location equipment, frachise and registration dealings by the government.