Disability Attorneys New York

Disability Attorneys New York help to provide the necessary social security benefits to a disabled person in New York. Social security is provided to disabled or handicapped persons because they find it difficult to do simple tasks and take extra time to do it. The American with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 to prohibit any kind of discrimination at the workplace. All the essential assistance is provided to persons with disability so that they may have easy access to all the pleasures of life.

Under the disability law and disability rights of social security benefits, a disabled person is entitled to disability insurance benefits and supplementary income benefits if he suffers personal accident and becomes disabled. To get supplementary income benefits, it is however, not necessary that the individual should have experience of working in the past. To get such benefits, the person has to be poor and disabled. People claiming benefits should also fulfill the essential medical criteria.

A disabled person who earlier used to work for at least 5 years, is eligible to get social security benefits if it is proven that the concerned person can not return to the work he was doing prior to the injury. American with Disabilities Act provides guidelines to provide social security benefits to the disabled. Anyone, the government or the former employer who fails to comply with the guidelines can be brought to book with the help of disability Attorneys.

Disability Attorneys New York help a person get benefits if he is filling for benefits for the first time or even the second time. Before applying, you have to be prepared in advance and get acquainted with disability rights and laws.