Developmentally Disabled Games

Disability is a curse and particularly when it creates hurdle for the further growth and development of an individual. Disability originated before the age of 22 is called the developmental disability under the federal law. This disability be it physical or mental or both, makes one's life difficult. The impared persom may lack the ability to lead his life on his own or even can't comprehend the things easily. Lack of thought, lack of direction and such other cruel limitations put him in a sorry state of affairs.

But still it can't be denied that he is a human being and if treated well by the people and the state, he mabe able to lead a healthy life. All work and no games make Jack a dull boy is well said proverb. Recreations like games and sports make you fresh and rejuvenated. This is also applied to developmentally challenged children. So there are various state level games meant for physically challenged children. These games and sports provide creative and enjoyable time for the diabled. It make these disableds develop good self image and some kind of gratification.

Games encourage them to make and maintain healthy relationships with others thus make them feel easy in the society. The appreciation showered on them help them develop positive attitude towards others and the possibility of challenged behavior get reduced to some extent. Moreover inadddition to states some privete organization also organize such events and announce hansome prizes also. Some popular games for impaired individuals are: Ballon race, Kim's stocking , obstacle race,potato race, letter in snd paoer, magic discs, touch game, relay race, Dicky bird race, bun snapping, etc.