Building A Handicap Ramp

Building a handicap ramp is important for disabled people so as to facilitate them with an easy access to elevated or downward place. Such a handicap ramp makes it possible for a wheelchair bound people to access gardens and garages, easily. Such a disabled or handicapped individual can use a walker or cane. But that is not feasible. That is why,  a handicap ramp would be the most wise option to access elevated space. Apart from meeting the requirements of different types of handicapped people, such a ramp helps in maintaining the independence of the disabled persons.

Building a handicap ramp is not a tough task. You just have to fulfill some requirements. The different requirements of making it are as follows:

1) Slope of the ramp should be 1' for every 12" of run.
2) Handrails have to be provided on both sides of the ramp.
3) The width of the ramp has to be at least 36".
4) Flat landings should be provided at the top and bottom of each ramp.
5) Flat landings should be at least 60" of length.

Apart from the above requirements, there are many factors involved in the building of a handicapped ramp. For example, wooden ramp might become slippery when wet. Therefore, it should be covered with non slippery roofing. Handicap ramp is of great help to people suffering from different physical disabilities. People suffering from cognitive disabilities and cerebral palsy can take the help of handicap ramp for movement.