Autism: An Incurable Developmental Disability

Developmental disability is an expression employed to refer to serious life long impairment that substantially reduces one or more of one's life functions. Such disabilities might adversely affect one's ability to make an independent living, ability to learn or move or express. One of such disabilities is Autism. If a child is autistic the signs are visible within three years of his or her birth. How pronounced are the symptoms varies from case to case and so the affect of the impairment on one's daily activities.

They have problems expressing themselves through speech and cannot speak well in most of the cases. An autistic child does not like playing with other children. He or she would rather find a small corner for himself or herself and confine to playing his or her own set of games that might appear very strange to any onlooker. They are very sensitive to light and loud noises and react to being subjected to them.

At times, they might behave as though they were deaf. They would not even respond to their own names. On other occasions, you name them and the head turns. It is primarily because on the occasions they do not respond, they are in their own world and have completely shut the rest of the world out. So, they are not receptive to external sounds or inputs naturally.

They can sit focusing on a single object for hours on one end without bothering to look around. It has also been found that some of them demonstrate exceptional fearlessness. For instance, an autistic may not budge even at the sight of a car dashing towards him or her at a very high speed.

The autistic children behave very differently. They do not like being cuddled or even touched. And if you smile at them, they might just keep staring at you unsmiling as though you were a dead wall.

They dislike socializing like anything and wish to live in the world of their own making. There are no known causes or cures for autism. We can only hope that someday we'll be able to find what exactly goes wrong with these people and how can they be cured, if 'cure' is the right term here.

Till that time all we can do is try to understand them and make them happy. Though they shun company but they still like being happy as much as any of us. However, it's not so easy to make them smile, for they smile only when they know you understand them and their very own, private world. Therefore, the key is understanding. Forget not, autistic might be similar in behavior but are still different as individuals. So, what works with one may irritate the other. Be careful, cautious and persevering.