Assistive Devises Help A Disabled Person Live Life Normally!

People with disabilities want to lead their life to the best of their abilities and go about doing things to the best of their potential. They want to be independent and participate in all social activities just like any other normal person does. However, sometimes their disability imposes a restriction in the accomplishment of tasks that are otherwise performed by any other person without any external aid. To enable the independent performance of such tasks by a person with disability, some kind of adaptive or assistive technologies are available for help.

There are several products available that are designed on the principles of such adaptive and assistive technologies. These aids could be the likes of devises for aging eyes or those with vision impairments, devises for weak hands, devises that help you reach, stand up, or maintain your balance, assistive listening devises (ALDs), special techniques that simulate feelings in an artificial arm and others.

For instance, in the case of elderly people, their vision weakens with age and using glasses for reading is not always comfortable for them. These people could use magnifying glasses specially made for reading the fine print. It could be a conventional rectangular magnifying glass or one with the magnified glass strip in the middle only which permits the lens to be moved as you read down the page. Magnifying glasses can also be mounted in front of bathroom mirrors to help them while shaving, applying make up or using tweezers.

Assistive devises for weak hands could include special jar openers that are either manual or electric and they reduce the amount of force required to twist the jar covers. Then, there are knives with special handles that can be gripped like a saw. There are cutting boards with suction cups that provide stability while using so that the hands can be freed for application of more force. Large grips can be purchased separately to be attached with utensils and knives, peelers and other kitchen gadgets. To cut with scissors, there are special spring loaded scissors available that ease the strain on fingers and the hand.

Other household gadgets are also available in spring loaded versions. Button hooks and zipper rings are simple but very useful clothing aids for the elderly and those with gripping disability. The list of such assistive devises is almost endless. If you look around you will find many to suit your individual needs.