What Is The American Disabilities Act?

The American Disability Act is the result of significant and concerted effort made by its federal government to provide equal opportunities to the disabled. The US government ensures that civil rights of disabled people irrespective of their caste, creed, color, religion, age, nationality  or sex  is protected in public transport, employment, federal or state or local government services, public accommodation, telecommunications and certain other areas. The US disability act is certainly a landmark act.

As per the act, the individual is treated as a disabled person if the individual falls under any of the following three categories.

The disability hinders the performance of vital day to day activities.

The individual can substantiate the proof or record of disability or she has a record or the proof of impairment.

The individual is declared by an authorized government agency to be suffering from a disability.

The US disability act is further divided into 5 titles.

Employers should make adequate provisions for the disabled even if it requires altering the structure or provisions of a job role

The medical procedure to judge the disability of an individual is well defined and meticulously followed.

Modes of public service transportation, which includes Bus, Train, subway and air travel should make special and adequate provisions for the disabled.

Public places such as offices, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores should make special arrangements for  disabled people. If such arrangements require the modification in building structure and services, then the same should be carried out.

The telecommunications sector has also made adequate provisions for disabled people to help them avail of telecommunication services as per their requirements. People who are deaf should be provided with relay or any other services so that it becomes possible for them to use telecommunication services.

One of the most important provisions of the US disability act declares that any kind of physical or otherwise undue threat, coercion or retaliation against disabled people is unlawful.

Please note that disabled people addicted to alcohol are not covered by this act. Here we can mention that those who are using alcohol or drugs are not covered under the American disability act.