There Is A Need To Bring The Disabled Into Mainstream!

Disability is one of the main hindrances of humanity. Terminologically, the word ‘disability’ implies a general inability of a certain organ of the body to function normally. Disability, as a phenomenon, is not confined to any geographical boundary and people from anywhere and everywhere can be afflicted by it. When we take stock of the situation of Americans with disabilities, we have to take into account all forms of disabilities that are commonly observed in America.

With medical point of view, disability basically means impairment and it may be physical, sensory or cognitive impairment. There is another type of definition as well. There is a social model, according to which a person’s inability to interact with his surroundings can also be considered as disability.

There are tens of thousands of Americans with disabilities. It includes both common types of disability as well as some rare forms of it. Regardless of the type of disability, the implications are always the same. According to the new law, the disabled people can no longer be called as disabled and instead they are termed as differently able. This means that due to the malfunction of a certain organ, other organs get strengthened to supplement the drawback. What you may call them, it does not take anything away from the fact that the disabled population is an ostensible injury to the manpower resource base of a country.

As for the treatment meted out to them by the society, it has always been partial in its approach. Disabled people can be fruitfully employed through some improvised means. Almost all companies are reluctant to hire them in the first place. Through this, they are hurting the national cause. Competent manpower is perennially at a premium in USA. By sidelining a sizeable population, a better result can never be expected.

However, handling this situation is not very tough. All it takes is the formulation of some ingenious policies on the part of the government and their efficient implementation. The disabled Americans can also be used in productive work. There are enough legal clauses to facilitate this process. The only thing the government has to ensure is that these rules are properly put to work. Various NGOs can also play a big role in rehabilitating the disabled population and bringing them back into the fold of the mainstream community.