The State Has The Listing Of Disability Types

There are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled by a person to qualify for filing for the benefits from the state. The Federal Government has come up with a scheduled list of many disabilities for the social security benefits. There are some certain disability types that are considered by the sate to provide the aids to the people with disabilities.

There are many types of disabilities declared by the state with their various features. They are as follows-

1- Learning Disability- A person having problems in reading, calculating, remembering and spatial abilities and processing information is considered disabled. With proper certification by the doctor, a person may be made eligible for rehabilitation benefits from the state.

2- Mobility Disability- Under this category, there are many disability types like amputation, club foot, polio, scoliosis, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury and many more. A person having severe problems in sitting, walking, carrying, bending, using arms or hands or fingers to carry out day to day activities is considered eligible for the disability benefits.

3- Health Impairment- Under this category, a person having disorder or failure of immune system, muscles, lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, intestines or any other anatomical part is a disabled person. If these conditions restrict him from carrying out normal working for sustenance, he or she may get the benefits from the state.

4- Mental Disability- If a person is subjected to psychiatric or mental problems that prevent him to lead a normal life, he or she is considered disabled. They need rehabilitation programs for recovery and the expenses are borne by the government.

5- Hearing Impairment and Blindness- A deaf person who cannot access audible participation of various things like lecture, multimedia and discussions is considered to be a physically disabled person. Again a person who has no vision power to perceive the beauty of nature or the things that are able to amuse us or cannot work like a normal person is also a disabled person.