Purpose Of American Disabilities Act

All people in this world are not so lucky as we are , many people are born with or in the course of their life due to some tragic event gets impaired . They face  many difficulties in leading even a simple life. Realizing this fact that there exist a section of people who are in very much  trouble government of various countries have come up with plentiful of opportunities and facilities to lift up these class of people from their deplorable condition and live a normal life. The American disabilities act is one such landmark which has really given a lease of life to the disabled people of America. It ensures that the disabled people receives equal opportunity irrespective of the caste, creed , race, sex , color , national origin etc. in places of  transportation , employment , local and government services , public accommodations , telecommunications etc.

Now let us come to the main point of our discussion which is regarding the main motives or purpose of american disabilities act. The first motive is that disabled people are not discriminated while applying for a job because of their condition, and even if it requires altering job structure it should be done at any rate.

Secondly,  the purpose of american disabilities act is  that transportation systems  like buses and rails should make facilities  and provisions for the disabled people so that transportation becomes easier and accessible to them.

Thirdly, public accommodation places like hotels,offices, restaurants, grocery shops, should make special provisions for the disabled people .Like in case of hotels and offices extra care should be taken to see that there is no difficulty in traveling to  a multi storeyed building.

Another motive of the disabilities act is to help the people with hearing impairment , through asking the telecommunications department to provide for relay or any other such type of services.
Also another important purpose of the act is to see that a disabled person is not coerced , retaliated or threatened to do something against his will.

Thus we can sum up by saying that the primary motive of the American disabilities act is to provide for a better life to the disabled ones.