Pre-Employment Physicals, Americans With Disabilities Act

Pre-employment physicals, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) have made it mandatory for a candidate to go for pre-employment physical examinations so that he may not be denied the job he deserves. Only candidates who are otherwise qualified have to go through physicals. This has been made a law to ensure that the rightful candidate is not denied what his right is.

Companies can give conditional offer to a candidate where it is stated that he has to pass a pre-employment drug screen, failing which his offer letter would be terminated. The offer letter requires it to be mentioned specifically. Though, it is not required for every candidate to go for pre-employment physicals, Americans with Disabilities Act, consistency has to be maintained for each position in a company.

The physician who undertakes these examinations should be outsider to the company. Mental and physical demands of a job require that only a fit candidate has to be selected. People with physical disabilities and cognitive disabilities may not be able to perform some functions. Such a person should be given the job they are fit for. Disabled or handicapped people should be assigned the job they are fit for. Disability can be a big hindrance. Mental and physical disability of a candidate may not allow him to perform the task as desired. As such, pre-employment physical is a good step towards the right direction.