New York State Disability Plan Is A Big Relief For The Disabled!

In United States, the different states offer a host of disability insurance benefits to their residents. The disability definition is quite varied depending on the state and people define it according their own view point.

The New York State Disability Insurance Program is a line up to other benefits provided by the state to its inhabitants. For any organization to be covered and obtain the state disability benefit, it has to employ one extra person from the state of New York, in addition to the owner of the organization.

The New York State Disability Law provides financial benefits to the employees with disabilities. The disabilities are non work-related injuries or illnesses and the conditions pertaining to physical or mental impairment that may have made the individual go off the job.

The New York State Disability Act makes provision to pay as much as fifty percent of the average weekly wages of the disabled with the amount ranging to $170 a week maximum. The average weekly wage is accounted for by considering the last 8 weeks of employment before the occurrence of disability.

When it comes to the entitlement of the disability benefits, the individuals have access to benefits up to a maximum of 26 weeks, beginning from the first day of disability. The New York State Disability Plan pays in cash, however, no medical expenses are liable to be accounted for in these disability benefits.

The benefits are paid directly to the disabled through the organization’s employer (where the disabled was working at the time of the mishap) insurance company. The checks are regularly mailed at every two weeks.

The state disability programs are a great help to the individuals who have become disabled due to a non-work related sickness or injury, or a medically disabling condition from pregnancy or childbirth. Majority of residents of New York are being benefited from these programs.