How To File For A SSI Disability Claim

To get the benefits from social security, either social security disability insurance or supplemental security income has to be filed to claim the benefits. SSI disability claim refers to the filing of application by the disabled persons, for getting the benefits.

Before one makes the SSI disability claim, s/he must arrange everything required to claiming the benefits. The first and foremost need would be a medical certification from a doctor stating the physical and/or mental state of disability. This is the base of all the claims, since you are filing it for your disability.

Until and unless you are certified from a doctor that you are disabled, they won't consider your application valid. It’s very essential to give the exact disability condition, since you would be further categorized on that basis, as per their rules and codes.

When the claim is made, you would be required to submit all the necessary documents told by the official or the representative who will take your telephonic interview when you make a call to them asking for the benefits. Once the officials of the SSA are satisfied and consider your case, it would then move to the OHA, office of hearings and appeals.

The judge, appointed to look into the matter, will give the final consent to your SSI disability claim. When the file goes to OHA, you will receive the hearing date from them. On that particular day, you must be present there.

Tips for SSI disability claim

To begin with, you must provide every correct document and be honest in your approach. Secondly, don't get nervous, and answer the questions properly after thinking them wisely. Thirdly, if the doctor tells some possibility of you getting back to work after some days or a year, do let them know. It’s essential to make them aware of every minute detail about your condition.