For Disability Benefits, Have You Paid Your Taxes Regularly!

The term disability encompasses a person who has physical (including sight and hearing) and mental impairments i.e., learning disabilities and mental illness.

A person covered under any disability insurance can file for disability insurance benefit soon after he/she has become disabled. There may be some mandatory waiting period before one starts getting the benefits, but filing for disability benefits can be done immediately after becoming disabled. It has been noticed that many claimants do not apply in time due to the reasons including lack of awareness. It is advised to file for disability benefits at the earliest as it may take as long as 2-3 years to get the claim approved.

Applying for disability benefit can be done either in person or by phone or through email. The main fact to keep in view while claming disability insurance advantage is that one has paid taxes without fail to the Social Security Administration (SSA) during the years he was working.

The person filing the disability benefit should ensure the following:

- He has been disabled previously and out of work for one year, or
- The doctors declare that he will be unable to work for a minimum of one year from the date he had last worked, or
- His medical condition will probably result in death

The disabled person approaches insurance administrator wherein he is supposed to fill in a form to claim his insurance benefit. The person should make sure to carry and produce all relevant information such as name, address, contact numbers of doctors, therapist, hospitals (wherever they are treated), dates of visiting for treatment, and medical records.

It is advisable to provide the maximum information to the insurance administrators as this will remove any ambiguity and also make things roll fast as the administrators generally have less work to do and will make quick decision.