Disabled Children Must Be Provided Better Facilities

Children are angels and discrimination against them is one of the greatest sins one could do. Amongst the children, the disabled ones need more attention and care than the healthy ones. However, the children with disabilities learn things the hard way. If they are not taken care of, their condition may deteriorate and make them dependent on others for the rest of their life.

Under the disability act, the Federal government takes the responsibility to provide better facilities for disabled children. These steps are taken so as to not make them feel outcast. There are several progressive programs meant for disabled children and amongst them, the first and the foremost, is the educational system.

Education is the first tool that a person must acquire to face all the hardships in life. Therefore, special training is provided to the teachers to teach these disabled children. Besides, the schools have to arrange everything for the disabled children like playground, lawns, toilets, benches and many more following the standards of disability codes.

Next come the community based service programs where the community is taught to deal with the disabled children. Social behavior has great impact on the lives of the these children. Hence, the parents and all members of the community must take the initiative to deal with them in the right way.

Coming to the special provisions in the public utilities like buildings, malls, restaurants, parks, buses trains and so on, special provisions must be made so that the disabled persons both, children and elderly can properly utilize all the facilities on equal terms. In parks or play grounds, the disabled children can learn a great deal. At those places, the interaction with others increases and they don't feel depressed or discriminated.

As a matter of fact, the disability is a tool to teach us the hardships of life and those disable children who are fighting constantly to overcome all these hardships are in real sense a role model for us.