Disability Laws

The U.S. government has framed many disability laws for the disabled people. The aim is to remove the discrimination met out to the disabled people in many areas. The first extensive law was passed in 1990 and it is called Americans with Disabilities Act, that is ADA. It has been passed under the U.S. Department of Justice on 23rd January 1990, at the second session of Congress in Washington D.C.

This was a very crucial and noble step and was taken on behalf of the disabled people of America who suffered a lot. This Act was introduced to make things more clearer and at the same time to make a comprehensive prohibition of any sort of discrimination against the disabled. This was the beginning and after that many disability laws were passed by the federal government. Some of the important laws:

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995:

This is popularly known as DDA. The DDA of 1995 makes provisions for the disabled like:-

* Transport Vehicles Act: All the vehicles are required to make special provision for the disabled people for easy traveling. This is done with reserved seats and facilities of getting down or boarding the vehicle.

* Property Rights Act: To make things easier for disabled persons to rent properties as their source of income. The landlords having tenants who are disabled are to make special provisions and facilitate the houses or rooms for the tenants.

* Equality In Private Clubs Act: No club having the provisions for a seating capacity of more than 30 people can deny the access of a disabled person into it. Besides they must also make space for disabled people too.

* Extra Health Protection Act: If a person is disabled and at the same time is suffering from any kind of disease like HIV or multiple sclerosis or cancer, they must be given extra protection from all health departments.