Disability Law And The Disabled

The Americans with Disabilities Act came into being in 1990 with the intention of protecting the rights of disabled persons and preventing discrimination against them. The ADA defines a disabled person as an individual with a disability that prevents.

The Act undertakes ensures that disabled persons will not only be discriminated in matters relating to employment by state or government bodies, unions or private corporations. This law endeavors to provide equal opportunities to the disabled in matters of not only employment but also use of public transport facilities, public accommodation, housing and air transport.

Let us face the fact that these laws are very essential to protect the rights of the disabled. Without such important legislations, it will be very difficult for the state to provide a set of rules and guidelines for treating the disabled or to provide a framework to redress the grievances of the disabled.

Such legislations serve a dual purpose. One is to law down the law. The other is to enforce the law. These legislations are a hallmark of civilized society. Acts such as the ADA enforce the responsibility of the state towards the disabled.

However, we still need to do a lot of introspection with respect to the state of the disabled in this country. Laws are an important means to make society more conscious about its responsibilities towards the disabled. Laws by themselves cannot raise the consciousness of society towards the disabled. That consciousness has to come from within the hearts of the people in society.

Unless we learn to respect and protect the rights of the disabled, no number of legislations will help to improve the condition of the disabled.