Criminal Justice System Linking To Learning Disabilities

Many of us are aware that influences play a large part in learning, but few learn to accept that influences can guide us into disorders.

In this article, I’m going to brief you on the history of Criminal Justice to help you see how influences played a large part in bringing forth mental interruptions.

From the beginning of time, man was given the intuition to do what was right. After the first man and woman sinned, it brought about corruption, which brought in negative influences such as false religion and criminal justice. Cain is the first known man to commit a hideous crime against his own brother. This action set the example and led people to believe his mind was mentally deranged. None of us can make that judgment. Yet, later in time, the criminal justice system took it upon them selves to call judgment down on his fellowmen.

We can see that religion played a large part in criminal justice, since the leaders professed Christians. Starting with the leaders of the criminal division, we can review the Roman leaders. In those times, the justice system permitted martyr of individuals by crucifying them. This meant that the people were strapped to a torture stake, then tortured for hours, even days and finally killed.

Later the criminal justice division continued this irrational and ill behavior by slaughtering people through hangings, mutilation, beheading and so forth. The criminal justice system laid out the plan that would later hinder the minds of millions.

How does this information link to learning disabilities? It links because we are looking at superior influences that displayed hatred and extended the hate down through the centuries. Our children grow up and once they go to school, they read the history books that inform them of hideous acts.

Our children are told not to act out violently, yet our law and political leaders are the major influences that promote violence and war. How does this affect the mind? It affects the mind, simply because when a child is learning he or she is comparing all the details to find answers to his or her many questions. If one area of interest outweighs the other area, then the child will learn more toward the heavy weight.

In other words, what we learn is what makes up our character. If we are learning violence is the answer, then our ability to learn is negative.

Learning is a consistent pattern, which is practiced, and it mostly is affected by examples. For example, if we use techniques that provide illustrations in our teaching strategies we will see better results.

If you stop to think, at the elementary grade level illustrations are used frequently to teach the children. You can see that observation and examples play a large part in learning. We know that this is a pattern in history, since Jesus is the first known man to illustrate meaning.

Do you see it now? Our children learn from the past and the future. If we are teaching our children that violence is wrong, then we need to show them that violence is wrong because we choose to avoid violence.

With this, we can move ahead and see that we need effective illustrations when we are working with children with learning disabilities. Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) often struggle to learn since they too focus on history. These specially gifted people often have minds that rapidly surpass the normal. We can also consider Special Education and how it plays a part in learning disabilities.

Religion and Criminal Justice might be the root of our problems, but Special Education also has its bad influential teachings that hinder our children from learning. Recently, the schools that once started a child in Kindergarten have developed other strategies, which include Head start, Preschool, Young Fours and Young Fives. Sure, the strategy worked to a degree, but if you consider the details, you will see that it is a money and power scheme to a large degree that can hinder children from learning.

Our system has ruined the idea that right is right and wrong is wrong. Since, the corruption in religious power, justice, schools, and media has taking over to teach us right from wrong. Right went flying out the door and learning disabilities moved in!