California And State Disability Act

In California the FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act, California) describes disability as having any physiological disease, disorder, cosmetic disfiguration or anatomical loss that limits an individual's ability to participate in major life activities.

State employees are categorized as disabled after ascertaining the facts from a filled questionnaire. Currently the State Personnel Board (SPB) is using Employee Disability Questionnaire - Standard 740. This is available at the SPB office. Strict secrecy is maintained regarding the contents of the questionnaire. It is mandatory by State and Federal laws to provide equal employment opportunity without discrimination to all disabled individuals by each state agency.

The State Personnel Boards provides help to state departments and agencies in the selection, employment and keep up of disabled individuals in state civil services. It collects, manages and communicates matters regarding the representation of state employees with disabilities.

Under California State Disability purview, the SPB has established guidelines which are to be complied with in meeting the requirements of equal opportunities to disabled individuals.

The SPB can also be approached in case a disabled person is seeking employment with the State of California. An alternative examination process, viz. the LEAP (Limited Examination and Appointment Program) is conducted to increase the representation of disabled people in the state departments and agencies. Advice and accommodation facilities are also available through the SPB.

California State Disability Insurance Schemes and Income Support Programs can also be availed by disabled individuals. State Disability Insurance (SDI) is a public disability insurance program that pays benefits every seven days. Premiums are paid through pay roll taxes or profits from last year in case of self employed persons.

California State Disability Resources are organizations that are disability specific like attention deficit disorder, autism, blind and visual impairments, cerebral palasy, cognitive intellectual and developmental disability, down syndrome, epilepsy, etc.