Americans With Disability Act

After the civil rights act of 1964 Americans with Disabilities Act has been recognized as the most sweeping civil rights legislation by various organizations all over the United States. This disabilities act of Americans was signed by the president George Bush on July 26, 1990. The main aim of this disabilities act is to stop any kind of discrimination against people who are qualified and suffering from disabilities in employment, transportation, public programs and services, telecommunications services and public accommodation.

This act is really beneficial for the disabled people as it gives instructions to all the organizations and their heads not to discriminate individuals with disabilities in any area including benefits, incentives, compensation, or promotions. Also, they can no longer leave out any disabled person during the hiring process.

Also, the organizations will not have pre-employment inquiries about the applicant's nature of disability. Americans with disabilities act contains five parts. These are:

* Title 1 prohibits any kind of discrimination in employment against the deserving individuals. This title generally consists of three steps:

1. If a person is able to perform the necessary functions then he is qualified for the job.
2. In case the person is unable to work then the employer can decide to provide the job with some proper accommodation.
3. In case of undue hardship, the employer should dive the provision of accommodation. Basically, the term undue hardship means that it will be really expensive or costly to find a proper accommodation.

* Title 2 prohibits any kind of discrimination in programs and services undertaken by the public players like local and state governments.

* Title 3 involves commercial facilities and accommodations- It is for all private business owners to make their services and goods available to the people with disabilities. Also, all new and the existing buildings should be easily reachable for the people with disabilities. Further, various transportation facilities should also be included like buses and vans by the private players. This title also prohibits restaurant and bank owners to not discriminate or exclude people with disability.

* Title 4 is related to the telecommunications- This title is for the telephone companies to provide the relay services for hearing and speech impaired individuals.

* Title 5 includes various technical provisions and policies including not to overriding the state laws by Americans disability act that prohibits any kind of discrimination against the disabled people.

The employers will not be asked to show any kind of proof about the existence or severity of the disability. Instead they will be asked about their ability to perform particular job activities. So undoubtedly this act is superb and beneficial for the disabled people of America.