Americans With Disabilities Act: A Good Step!

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was formulated under the U.S. Department of Justice on 23rd January 1990 at the second session of Congress in Washington. This act was formed given the suffering of disabled people living in America and a good step towards the right direction. In absence of a proper Act, people with various disabilities were suffering a lot and there was nobody to care for them.

There are various regulations regarding disabilities which were made clear in this Act. This act was introduced to make things clearer and at the same time to make a comprehensive prohibition of any sort of discrimination against the disabled.

Under the law, all the private employers, employment agencies , any state or local form of governments, labor unions or others have been prohibited from discriminating against any qualified individual with disability in matter of jobs application procedure, advancement, hiring and firing,  job training, compensation, or in any privileges met out to other employees.

American with disabilities act considers those persons as disabled who have impairment of any kind either mental or physical that restricts the person from carrying out normal day to day activities. Thus people with disabilities are ensured of better treatment from all sections of society. The employers have been asked to create an environment which should be as much accessible to the person with disabilities as others.

However, the act doesn't entitle any disabled person for a job and there are certain criteria that the disabled person must fulfill.  The employer has the right to seek information on the employees with disability, the nature of injury and at the same time see whether the required work meant for the disabled post can be carried out by him successfully or not.

There are also some restrictions from the state while benefiting the disabled persons. A disabled person,  if found to have some positive drug test results will loss the facilities meant for a disabled person in the employment sector and using illegal drugs by them are not covered by ADA.